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Moonhead mama and baby features the whimsical, magical journey of the Moonhead clan. What is a Moonhead you ask? Moonhead's live and play in the twilight hours and after midnight, you can find them flying fancifully, in a playful, swirly fashion. Flying between moonbeams and shooting stars, in the shadow of the crescent moon, they land in small villages and do good deeds when nobody is looking and often you can find them working tirelessly into the wee hours. They love their children enormously! They have a zest for life and feast on chocolate and marshmallows. And yes, they do have moon shaped heads! Moonhead Mama is the matriarch of this magical bunch and she loves to cradle a sweet, slivered moon baby in her arms. She feeds her little Milo Moon chocolate almond milk and sings a soft lullaby to ease her young one to sleep. The ancient and wise Full Moon Mamas offer wisdom and guidance to the Moonhead clan while the Moonhead Spirits watch over them all with loving kindness and protection.

Enjoy the Moonheadmama painting series fantasy. It focuses on love, joy, hope, good deeds, kindness, peacefulness and the ties between mother and baby as well as the wisdom of the ages. Future images in this series will explore the magical world of the Moonhead clan in relationship to community, to nature, and to the animal world and you can follow them on their journey through these paintings.

The Moonheadmama painting series is ongoing and each original fine art painting will be for sale, with 20% of the proceeds benefiting Acres of Hope, a long term housing program for homeless women and their children.

About the artist:

Lindy Gaskill (formerly Gruger) is a peace loving, nature loving, joyful hearted, full-time painter living in the high desert of Prescott, Arizona. Lindy loves vivid and dramatic color which is always one of the most important elements in her work; this is followed by the liberal use of flowing, swirling line-work and textural pattern and shapes, giving each painting its own unique energy and movement. Her personal inspiration develops out of a passion for the study of symbolism and mythology, while her subject matter is most often derived directly from her imagination, dreams and her unique experience of nature. Lindy's aim is to create paintings with the belief that art can inspire people, make a house a home, and bring joy and positive energy into the world!

Lindy is also writing and illustrating a forthcoming children's book titled Moonhead Mama and the Adventures of Milo Moon. If you would like to be notified when Lindy's book is published and for sale as well as when new paintings come out, sign up for the newsletter in the left column.

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